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Trust the Eye of Chai

and make the right move!


Real estate and interior design are not just

Chai's professions, but are her passions. Honesty and integrity along with dedication and determination are the philosophies that she strives for. Chai's expertise in staging presents each listings in its best light creating a lifestyle that appeals to all buyers. That is apparent in the quick turnaround of all Chai's listings. No matter the price range, each client receives the same level of attention and dedication. She goes beyond expectations strongly believing "it's the little things that make a big difference". Clients enjoy that her positive energy and personable nature make an important life decision a comfortable and rewarding experience. She attributes her success to her savvy business sense, good negotiating skills and sincerity in all her dealings.
Whether you are buying or selling your home, you can count on Chai's professionalism, support and service!


"Chai is different. For her, it is not about selling, it is about creating a buyer experience. With her passion in interior designing she reimagines and transforms your house into spaces that talks to a person entering the house. She does that in a very cost conscious and efficient way with her design-hacks and network of contractors and support professionals. Our listing was so powerful we even doubted ourselves whether we really want to sell our house. Not only she creates the experience that locks-in the buyer but she is masterful at getting buyers into the house in the first place. She is savvy with her knowledge and experience of the local market. I had some hesitation when she suggested listing price but I am glad I trusted her judgement and followed her strategy to pull buyers into the house and let experience do the magic. It worked - we got multiple offers in just 48 hours- topping 5%-10% above asking price. I could not have asked for more. Picking a right realtor is not an easy decision but I say you can bet on Chai. She has won our trust and confidence and I know she will yours."

Sanjay P.

"Finding and buying a house at the top of the market was not an easy task. Chaitali was very professional as well as personal throughout the whole process. Stresses were high as all of our criteria needed to be met. Chaitali is not only a fantastic realtor, she is an excellent support system. Anytime there was a house we wanted to see, Chaitali was thorough and moved fast. She negotiated and helped us to obtain the house of our dreams by working closely with all the related parties and following up regularly to keep the process moving. She was honest and forthright which are the qualities you want in your realtor, especially as a first time home buyer. She was very patient with us and in no rush to simply sell and move on. She offered expert advice and help when on matters we hadn't thought of. Chaitali is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home, you won’t regret it!"


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